What people are saying about us.

Dear Michael,

As you are aware, students have a variety of learning styles. Your teaching style avails itself to the myriad of learning styles that learners possess, i.e. (visual, auditory and kinesthetic) which you address each and every class by maintaining a level of individual and class interaction, especially when discussing the skeleton and muscle groups.

Your task as an instructional leader is to possess the skills necessary to cover a large amount of material that is required knowledge to pass the State Board Exam to become a Licensed Massage Therapist. This is a monumental task, but your skill in teaching strategies is quite exceptional. I feel I am qualified to make this statement regarding your teaching ability due to the fact that I observe and evaluate instructional staff daily.

Your methods of including individual and group interactions upon discussion of the materials when appropriate during class time relative to material you are covering is Excellent! I, along with other students in class enjoy the time during break when we are allowed to study and you are readily available to assist us and to answer questions that arise during this time.

Your professionalism regarding your job as an instructor as well as your concern for the ultimate success of every student enrolled in your program makes the Alpha School of Massage the right choice for me or any student seriously interested in becoming a Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Florida.

Maria Evans
Duval County Public Schools Administration

Michael, I just want to say thank you very much for your patience and your dedication in teaching me the art of massage. You have truly inspired me to teach and help other people. Michael, you have changed my life forever and for that I’m truly grateful. After being in school for only three weeks I told you I was going to quit because I could not keep up with the work. You said, Naseem, you are doing very well with the massage part, and if you are having trouble with the lecture part, I’ll work with you on that. Don’t just quit! At that moment, I said to myself, here is a total stranger who believes in me more than I believe in myself. I’m going to end here, but Michael, please don’t change your style of teaching, it has truly inspired me. May God Love you and Bless you as much as I do.

Naseem Maat class of 2000

Dear Michael (teacher par excellance), I was thinking about my new career with some depth today and I felt compelled to write you a note. I know that there were many times in class when I asked alot of questions and I thanked you for your patience and explanations. I remember the several times that you worked on my “whiplashed” neck after the accident, with those knowledgeable and gifted hands, I thanked you. When I graduated from Alpha School of Massage, aided tremendously by my excellent teacher, I thanked you. And that wonderful day when I became a nationally certified and Licensed Massage Therapist and called you with the good news, I thanked you. I worked hard to learn in class and beyond, but, without a superior instructor, I might have failed. You go that extra big step to ensure quality instruction. You encouraged me and helped me to succeed. Alpha School of Massage is very lucky to have employed you. Massage Therapy is lucky to have you in the profession. I just wish that all of your students could grasp the opportunity they have to succeed. I, for one, thank you from the bottom of my heart to my stronger, more knowledgeable, compassionate hands. Thank you Mr. Garcia for caring!

Patricia Foote LMT Ma29979 4/13/00

Hi Michael, I actually enjoyed the home study CEU pack. And I learned some important stuff Stimulated doing some research into some legalities. Very Interesting. I will be more than happy to recommend it to my colleagues.

Claire Holland 08/22/13 ma 59119

Mr. Garcia, Thank you so much for your instruction on Medical Massage for Back pain. I learned a lot and really enjoy attending your courses; it never gets old. I can only hope and strive to be as knowledgeable as you one day. I feel fortunate to have had you as my instructor in massage school and am thrilled I can continue to learn from you through CEU courses. I just finished taking another ceu class with Michael Garcia. I enjoy taking Michael’s ceu classes, he is very knowledgeable. What I like best is the hands on experience and instructor demonstrations. I thoroughly enjoyed the course on Deep Tissue Massage for the Upper Body. Really enjoyed the course on Medical Massage for Shoulder Pain with Michael Garcia. It was an excellent class. I feel this course will help me in the treatment of my clients. I will be back for more ceu’s with him.

Trecia Walker ma 45235 08/20/13; 08/14/11; 07/19/09

I just finished a course on Medical Massage for Back Pain taught by Michael Garcia. WOW! What I enjoyed the most was the vast knowledge of massage and medical care provided by the instructor and the application of both, in verbal and visual demonstrations. I wish we had more time than just 2 days. I have taken other courses with him and it is always a pleasure to learn what Michael has to teach.

Sarah Peterson 08/18/13 ma 55495

This class had a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Best of all, after 8 years of chronic back pain, after the first day of class, I slept an entire night and then woke up for the first time with no back pain. Thank you, Michael.

Lisa Recio 7/21/13 (Medical Massage for Back Pain) ma 67920

Michael, Once again thank you for your time and patience with me. I enjoy everything you have to offer. I hope in the future that I will be able to study under you, for everything, not just continuing education. I’m proud of you – the hard work and hours you put into teaching is amazing! I know you love the world of massage and that education and teaching is your passion. Thank you for everything.

Cathy Siko 6/5/11 ma 54785

Great workshop. Excellent course – included review and new material, new techniques. Great presentation and class participation. Fun learning. Thank you for your knowledge and the time and planning you give for these courses and for us.

Jane Loeser 08/09/09 ma 6521

The class on sports massage for cyclists was very interesting. I didn’t think I would be interested in sports massage but I do feel motivated to learn more and give it a try. I also learned things that I could use with my practice when I do deep tissue work. Thank you so much, great job – honestly, no criticisms!

Becky Spicer 07/26/09 ma 44784

Michael Garcia’s expertise and range of knowledge has always been impressive. I have taken several continuing education courses from him. He presents material in a manner that is understandable. I will definitely recommend his courses to other therapists. Thank you, Michael, for an amazing seminar!

James Toon 7/14/13 ma52310

The home study courses were thoughtfully researched and written. The trigger point course included a fascinating examination of the evolution of a very valuable treatment modality in the current health care business mode. Overall, this was an excellent course.

Linda Dosing 8/05/13 ma 37968