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Trigger Point Home Study Course

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The number of Americans suffering from chronic pain is at an all time high, with few of the normal medical solutions actually working to curb this pain! Practitioners that specialize in chronic pain know that most of it is caused by musculoskeletal problems, especially trigger points, but the general public and most medical practitioners remain in the dark. This course provides in-depth information regarding the main cause of most chronic pain, trigger points.

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This course was originally written in order to permit Florida Licensed Massage Therapists to meet their required/mandatory courses as stipulated by the Florida Board of Massage and Florida Statutes, in a convenient and affordable manner. They can also be used to satisfy continuing education requirements for massage therapists in most other states. This course is available in a �live� format, and presented at many different locations, as well as being offered as a �home-study-correspondence-internet course�.

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